Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Where has all the water gone?

We are getting dangerously low on water. Saturday we finally emptied the cistern and distributed the water throughout the house, in bathrooms and the kitchen. We called the water guy and arranged to buy a tanker of water. In typical Nigerian fashion, he promised that he would be here first thing Monday morning and he still hasn't delivered. So I think I am down to a bucket and a half of water in my bathroom. Oh and since this was the last dregs of the cistern, the water is full of little floating flotsam. I put off doing laundry on Saturday since the water was low. I have one more clean shirt and after that I will have to break out the Fabreeze. Tonight we tried to conserve as much water as possible doing dishes. I am not sure how much drinking water we have left and I really don't want to know. So tonight I am going to do a rain dance and then pray that the water man shows tomorrow.

If we don't get water soon, things could get really smelly.

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