Friday, March 20, 2009

Good News

I got a call from Sr. Theresa today. The Catholic Secretariat told her that my passport has a brand new visa. I was expecting to get only one more month but I got a three month extension, which is so much better. That means that I can stay in Nigeria until June. I am so excited.

So my plan is to spend the next three months enjoying life in Nigeria and then God willing I will go to Kenya. Right now there are four volunteers living in Malava, Kenya. Sissy Corr, our Executive Director and Fearless Leader, has found me a job working at the Divine Providence Home for abandoned and abused children. I would live in Malava with Jean and Sue and the SNDs in Malava and I would commute to the home in Kakamega. It seems like an ideal situation for me. It will be nice to be around other Americans again. I also think it will give me a better understanding of Africa to live in both West and East Africa. If I can't stay in Nigeria, going to Kenya would be the next best thing.

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