Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Water. Mmiri. H2O. Aqua. When you don't have water, it's hard to get water off your mind. I was working today and all of the sudden I stopped and thought, I don't have water to flush the toilet. The worst part was that we didn't know when water was coming. How many days would I have to go without showering? I don't mind roughing it when there is an end in sight, but there are no guarantees here.

We ran out of drinking water today, so Bernie and I walked to a Pure water factory. Around Nigeria there are Pure water factories that purify water and put it in a little bag. So instead of buying bottled water, most people buy a bag for 2 or 3 cents. It turns out that the owners of the factory have a son in Bernie's class, so they gave us two cases for free and we bought two more. So it was nice not worrying about drinking or cooking but that water wasn't for showering.

I had given up on the possibility of showering tonight when I went down to dinner. But to my surprise, the water truck arrived at eight o'clock tonight. I was practically giddy when I heard the sound of splashing water. It is such a relief to drink an entire glass of water without thinking about what else that water could be used for. Tonight I will be able to scrub myself head to toe, flush the toilet, wash the floor, and finally chug an entire bottle of water just because I can.

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