Saturday, March 28, 2009

A good day

Last night one of the neighboring churches had an all night vigil. All night vigils are common in Enugu and a few times I could hear one in Awkunanaw. But last night's vigil was either particularly spirited or it just had a superior loud speaker. I went to bed around 11 pm and I was rudely awakened just before 3 am. The preacher kept shouting "Holy Spirit fire, Holy Spirit fire" and the crowd responded with equal enthusiasm. The vigil kept me awake until 6 am and by then I was rather annoyed. If people want to stay up all night praying, well more power to them, but do they have to keep the rest of us awake too? With only four hours of sleep I was pretty grumpy this morning.

Fortunately my day got better as it went on. Since I was up at 6, I decided to fetch water before it got too hot. Then I swept and moped by room because a ridiculous amount of dust collects in my room after only a few days. At 9 am Sr. Bernie and I went over to the school to meet a group of students. Our school has been invited to participate in a cooking contest and the children practiced making steamed rice and coconut rice. After we finished cooking, I went out shopping with Sr. Helena. We went to a couple of shops that cater to expatriates. I bought things like canned soup, ketchup, pop tarts, and even a snickers bar. After we finished shopping, we went to the John Nwodo house and Sr. Theresa gave me my passport. My new visa is good until June 22, 2009. On the way home, we stopped at a couple of road side stands and bought bananas and four pineapples, which are my absolute favorite. Now it is 9 pm but I am completely exhausted. Still it has been a good day.

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