Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Relaxing after school

I feel like a broken record when I say once again regular classes are canceled this week. Exams are finished but the teachers are using this week to finish grading and getting report cards ready. The children come to school but without classes they have a lot of free time. When the teacher is out of the classroom, the volume is quite a bit louder but all things considered the kids are really well behaved. I admire how self sufficient Nigerian children are. So today I worked in the financial office and then I helped record exam scores. Tomorrow will probably be more of the same. Thursday we have the day off from school and Friday the children come to pick up their report cards. Next week school is out for Easter Break.

This evening Ngozi asked if I wanted to come with to get her hair relaxed. Since I haven't left the compound since Sunday I agreed. The salon Ngozi went to before closed, so we wondered around Awkunanaw looking for a hair dresser with a generator. Relaxing hair requires a hair dryer which requires a generator so we spent almost a half hour looking for a suitable place. It took just over an hour for Ngozi to get her hair done and I must admit I was pretty bored. Still it was nice to get out. Just walking down the street in Awkunanaw can be an adventure. We were walking around when chickens ran across the road. I tried to make a bad joke but Ngozi didn't get it. I also saw a dog on a hot tin roof. I have heard of a cat on a hot tin roof before but never a dog and it made me wonder how it managed to get up there. And on the way home, one guy proposed to me.

All in all, not a bad day.

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