Monday, March 9, 2009

Malaria sucks

It has been a couple of days since I wrote anything. This is because I have been too exhausted to post anything and also because the last few days have consisted of laying in bed, doing nothing.

About two weeks ago I started having flu like symptoms but after a few days I felt better. Unfortunately Thursday night I started feeling sick again and it kept getting worse. Sunday I started shivering in the 90 degree heat and the nuns decided it was time for me to go to the hospital. The doctor said that I probably had malaria but the hospital doesn't do blood tests on Sunday. So he started me on three different malaria medications and told me to come back Monday for the blood work.

So Sr. Helena and I went back to the hospital for what was supposed to be a quick blood test. Since we got the paperwork yesterday, I went right in with the nurse. She took some blood and sent me out to the waiting room. I sat down and I remember thinking that I really felt awful. The next thing I know, I wake up with Helena propping me up in the chair and a bunch of doctors and nurses asking me how I felt. It took me a few minutes to come around enough to realize that I had passed out. It turns out my blood pressure was low so the doctor started an IV. I felt much better after that but the doctor wanted me to get a second bag of fluids. So I spent four hours with a IV in my hand.

By the time my IVs had finished, the doctor had my test results back. After all of that, the results were inconclusive. The doctor thinks I have malaria but since I already had a couple doses of the drugs the results came back negative. So he told me to keep taking the drugs and to come back if I am not better in a couple of days.

So I must say malaria sucks. I can deal with the horrible headache, the vomiting, and the body aches. But what I hate is the way I am constantly exhausted, I wake up from a nap and I am still tired. I am also weak and shaky which is really annoying. The good news is that I have felt much better since the IVs. Tomorrow will probably be another boring day spent in bed but hopefully after that I can return to school.


  1. Oh man Katie I'm so sorry you're feeling so crappy. It sounds like your malaria was a hell of a lot worse than mine!
    I'd like to say the exhaustion stops, but today was my first day back at work after a week off and I'm still dragging. I hope you start to feel better soon!

  2. Poor Katie! Take care of yourself. Malaria is much more debilitating if you've never been exposed to it before.
    It sounds like the Sisters are taking good care of you though.

    Get better soon!
    Elizabeth Hazel