Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Assessment Week

This week is the second round of assessments at the school. In some ways, it is nice because regular classes are canceled so I don't have to come up with lesson plans. In some ways, it sucks because my normal routine is shot and I am having trouble keeping busy. Yesterday I spent the entire morning typing up test questions for other teachers. Today I started typing up a record of all the text books and library books the school owns. I made it through the first 160 entries and decided it was time to look for different work. I finished the morning in the office, filing receipts from the last six months.

Even though it is Assessment Week, I am still tutoring students in the afternoons. Yesterday I worked with my three boys from the Nursery section. The boys are five or six years old and we practice reading and writing the alphabet. In the last week I noticed that they are improving slowly but surely. I was ecstatic when they remembered how to spell boy from last week, repetition really pays off. My boys are really cute but sometimes they can be a handful.

Today I worked with Princess, who is probably eight or nine. Princess has both physical and learning disabilities but she is a sweet, shy kid. Once again, we started with writing and ended with stories. Princess struggles with simple flashcards so reading a book is out of the question. So today I read her a couple stories including one of my favorites, Curious George Rides a Bike. Princess sat quietly absorbing the story and it wasn't until I asked if we should read another book that I realized how excited she was. Princess cannot read but she has good verbal comprehension. I think I might start reading her installments of chapter books.

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