Thursday, March 19, 2009

Raining Buckets

Today it finally rained. The Nigerian rainy season usually starts in March and I have been waiting for it to rain for weeks. Today the sky was pitch black when I left school at 2 pm and a half hour later it started pouring. We really needed the rain. Awkunanaw has been parched and the dust is awful. When I get home I have to wash off the layer of dirt that I acquire throughout the day. I have become accustomed to that gritty taste the dust leaves in my mouth. The rain also means that we are less dependent on water deliveries. As soon as it started raining, Blessings, our cook, positioned four huge containers and assorted buckets in the courtyard to collect the rainwater. It was raining so hard that within twenty minutes a huge garbage can was full. Later on the rain will probably cause flooding and problems with the roads but right now it is nice to have a break from the dust and the heat.

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