Saturday, March 14, 2009

This week in Awkunanaw

So here is a recap of my past week:

Sunday: I went to church and on the walk home the nuns noticed that I was shivering in the 90 degree heat. They insisted that I go to the hospital where I was told that I had malaria.

Monday: I went back to the hospital for a blood test. I passed out and that got the doctors' attention. I went home and felt marginally better after four hours with an iv in my arm.

Tuesday: I thought I was dying, so I spent the day laying in bed.

Wednesday: I stopped vomiting but I was still exhausted. I spent another day in bed and by then the boredom was almost intolerable.

Thursday: I woke up convinced that I was miraculously healed. I went to school for Sr. Theresa's party and had a good time. But I was so tired that I actually fell asleep watching Super Story.

Friday: I felt pretty awful in the morning and I realized that I did too much the day before. The Sisters were concerned so they talked me into going back to the hospital. (Nuns can be very bossy when they want to be.) I saw another doctor, who gave me more drugs and told me that it will just take time to get over malaria, especially in this heat. After a long nap, I felt better and made it down to dinner.
This weekend there are seven Aspirants (possibly future nuns) staying with us. I always like having a full house, although it can be awkward making small talk with people who barely understand me.

Today: I woke up around six this morning. Last weekend I was too sick to do laundry, so today I washed almost every article of clothing that I own. After that I grabbed a quick shower and then went to check on Ngozi. She was just diagnosed with an ulcer and she hasn't been doing well. After my bout of malaria, I appreciate how much it sucks to not only be sick, but also bored and lonely. So I had a nice chat with Ngozi. Now it is 10:30 and I have run out of things to do.

So that has been my week. It definitely was not my best week in Nigeria but I guess I was bound to get sick eventually. I have a feeling that next week will be much better.

Oh and I want to wish my sister Becky and all fellow math nerds a Happy Pi Day.

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