Friday, March 27, 2009

Sweating like a Christmas Goat

According to my blog, it is 82 degrees outside. 82 degrees doesn't sound that hot, it gets that hot every day of the summer back home, but trust me this is a different type of heat. Right now it is 9 pm, it unbearably hot, and I am sweating like a Christmas goat. Apparently Nigerians slaughter goats for Christmas dinner and the goats start sweating when they realize they are about to be killed.

I hate that we never get a break from the heat. Every morning I take a shower and before my hair dries I am already sweating. During the worst heat of the day we don't even have electricity to use the fan. Then in the evenings we spend a lot of time in the kitchen where our stove gives off even more heat. Before I go to bed I usually take another shower to cool off but there is no escaping the heat. I would feel bad complaining about the weather but it is almost too much for the Nigerians, who are used to heat.

So I am off to bed and I am praying for rain.

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