Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Today went by quickly. First I went over to school where I accompanied Sr. Bernie to her first two science classes. We discussed the human body and some of its functions.

Around ten o'clock Sr. Martina and I went for round three at the immigration office. I have been having issues with my visa. Although I was given a six month entry visa, the immigration official at the airport changed our visas to only one month. Don't ask me why because I still haven't figured that out. So yesterday we went to get a visa extension but it could not be processed because the internet wasn't working. Today we were supposed to simply pick up my passport. Four hours later I got my passport back and my visa has now been extended until March 23rd. In order to extend my visa again, I will have to travel eight hours to Abuja and once again I will be at the mercy of the immigration official.

We made it back to school just in time for Mass with all of the students. Mass was held outside but luckily the altar was set up under a balcony. About half way through the service it started pouring and there was a mad scurrying to get the children out of the rain. Although our clothes were a little soggy, the Mass resumed as normal. This was the second storm in two days. Normally, the rainy season begins around April and rain in February is almost unheard of. I really wouldn't mind if the rainy season came early this year. It has been nice to have a break from the heat and the dust.

After school was dismissed, I decided it was time for some lunch. If a meal is at four pm is it still lunch or is it an early dinner? I made a box of macaroni and cheese. Cooking with powdered milk and unrefrigerated butter can be interesting but it still tasted really good. No moi-moi for me today. After lunch I decided to do a little reading. There is a lot of free time here and I have been going through my books pretty quickly.

So that has been my day. Nothing too exciting but I am just happy to be here.

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