Friday, February 6, 2009

Just say NO to Banga

I learned a valuable lesson today, just say no to banga. Last night for dinner Sister Francisca made banga, which is a sauce made of palm oil and cod heads (I ate around the fish heads) served over rice. The banga is tasty even if it is very oily. So far I have at least tried everything that the nuns eat even if they make us something else. Up until last night there were some dishes that I liked and some I politely declined seconds on but I have never gotten sick on anything. I was beginning to think that I have a stomach of steel and that was my downfall. Unfortunately the banga did not agree with me at all and let's just say Pepto-Bismol is my friend. The bad thing about this weather is that once you start to feel sick and dehydrated it is really hard to recover. So I spent most of the day lounging about in my room and throwing back water like there was no tomorrow. Luckily there wasn't much for me to do at school any way.

So if you ever get offered banga, take it from me, just say no.

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