Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The John Nwodo house

There is no school on Thursday or Friday this week for the midterm break. So Aubrie and I are spending the long weekend at the other house in Enugu on John Nwodo Close. This house is in the city center and there is more to do around here. We will probably go to some of the other sites where the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur work. There is a girl named Chiamaka who lives here at the John Nwodo house but goes to school in Awkunanaw. So we followed Chiamaka on her normal daily commute home. First we had to walk to the bus stop which is maybe half a mile away and then we waited until we found the right "bus". So after a few minutes a 15 passenger van pulls up and after haggling over the price we climb in the back row. We were packed in like sardines because there was twenty people in the van. After maybe ten minutes the van stalled. So we sat in the stuffy overcrowded van while traffic went zipping around us. The driver eventually managed to get the bus going again but ten minutes later we had to get off the bus when the engine started smoking. We paid a partial fare and tracked down another bus. This one was only an eight passenger van but the driver still managed to get twelve people in it. Luckily this bus made it in one piece and here we are. In the end, it was totally worth it because they have running water here. This means that for the first time in over two weeks I have a working shower and a flush toilet. Hallelujah!

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