Friday, April 3, 2009

Sprink Break

I don't know why but I was in a gloomy mood this morning. School dismissed early today and we are officially on Spring Break. Even that couldn't get me out of my funk so I decided I needed a change of scenery. I was going out for a walk, when I met Blessing. She needed to buy potash and I tagged along. We had just walked out the front gate when we were nearly run over by a herd of cattle. The cattle had lean, almost scrawny bodies with drooping white hides and impressive horns and they were being herded by an equally scrawny boy. After we finished shopping, Blessing took me to the stream where children were swimming. The warning about parasites and such that might be in the water was the only reason I kept from diving in. After our detour to the stream, Blessing went back home to cook and I made a loop of the neighborhood going past our church and around to One Day road. I had a nice walk that improved my mood and I might have stayed out longer but I noticed that my skin was turning red. I figure that I am long overdue for a sunburn any way. After spending a couple hours in the hot sun, I needed a shower. Unfortunately that meant I had to fetch water for my room. Bernie and Blessing were also fetching water and like usual, they were showing off by carrying it on their heads. So after I filled my container, I made one last trip and carried the bucket on my head. I managed to keep from soaking myself although walking through the door proved problematic. Even if I didn't do anything exciting today was a good start to our Spring Break.

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