Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spring Break in Awkunanaw

Spring break makes me think of sandy beaches and margaritas. Even though there are palm trees and lots of sunshine, this is a different sort of spring break.

Today I woke up and started some spring cleaning. Even though it has rained a few times this past week, the dust is still pretty bad. The dust manages to get in my room through the screens on the doors and windows. I once saw an episode of Trading Spaces, where they designed a beach themed room complete with sand floors. I feel like I have that sand floor whenever I go a couple days without sweeping. So I swept and dusted my room and then I scrubbed the floors. The floor is back to it's normal color, instead of rusty brown. So I spent several hours cleaning but at least my room no longer looks like a giant sandbox.

After lunch (which was a delicious Shepard's pie that was almost like an American meal) Sr. Bernie, Ester (a visiting aspirant) and I went down to the stream. The stream like many sources of water in Nigeria is polluted with trash, laundry detergent, and various other things. However the source of the stream is a spring. There the water is clean and clear. So we went wading in the water, with the local children. Then we collected the water trickling out of the rock face and took some home. As a precaution we will boil the water before drinking it but most of the locals drink it straight from the spring. It was a nice way to cool off and get out of the house.

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