Sunday, April 12, 2009


Happy Easter. And what an interesting holiday it has been for me. Last night everyone in the house (all twelve of us are very rarely in same place at the same time) went to the Easter Vigil Mass which started at 10 pm. It finished after two am and then we had to walk home so I didn't get to sleep until after three. I intended to sleep in but the sun, chickens, broadcasts from neighboring churches, and the comings and goings of the Sisters all conspired to wake me up around 8 am. After getting dress, I went to the kitchen to help cook. We made steamed rice, chicken, cabbage salad, and pineapple for our Easter dinner. I made canned corn and mushrooms for a little taste of home. We also had Easter eggs. I wrote everyone's name on an egg and mixed vinegar and food coloring for the dye. It worked pretty well and the nuns were impressed. It was a nice meal and the company was good, as always. Oh and we have a goat or a sheep (in the daylight I will be able to tell which it is) running around the yard. The priest dropped it off tonight as a Easter gift for us. The Sisters must be right, I am turning into an African woman because my first thought about having a goat in the yard was that it will be very tasty.

Now I need to finishing packing because I am traveling with Sr. Amarachi tomorrow. The Sisters of Notre Dame have a big meeting this week and instead of staying home alone, I am going to do some traveling. The following week I will visit some of the other places around Nigeria where the SNDs live and work. I am not sure how long I will be gone but Ilorin, Edo, and Makurdi are on itinerary.

Have a happy Easter. Love from Africa,

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