Sunday, January 11, 2009

Our Numbers are Dwindling

Yesterday Sissy and I dropped off the four Kenya volunteers (Jean, Sue, Tom, and Sean/Michael) at Dulles Airport. They should arrive in Nairobi sometime Sunday evening. Tom and Sue will be working at the St. Julie Center for disabled children. Michael and Jean will be working at an orphanage. For the past week we have been getting to know each other and all I can say is that they are all awesome. I can only hope that our paths will meet again.

At the airport I couldn't help but think about my own journey. When I first came to Baltimore it seemed like there was hardly any time left before we flew to Nigeria. Now Aubrie and I are the only international volunteers still here and it doesn't seem quite so real. Part of me is itching to get on a plane right now. Then again maybe these next two weeks in Baltimore will teach me patience. Everyone says that the pace is slower in Africa and I guess that is a lesson I will have to learn eventually. Might as well do it in Baltimore, right?

So only thirteen more days until we leave not that I'm counting or anything.

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