Sunday, April 11, 2010

My First Weekend in Kroonstad

This has been my first full weekend in Kroonstad. Last week was a little slow because I wasn't working. So I was looking forward to hanging out with Sarah and Kelly this weekend. Friday night we went out to dinner at the Tennessee Spur. It was a nice little sit down restaurant that served everything from steaks, to Mexican food, to snails, to schnitzel. Saturday was what will probably be a typical Saturday here. We started out by going to the bank, so we could set up a household checking account. The bad news is that we didn't have the right paperwork to open an account, the good news is we found a form to buy World Cup tickets. After the bank we went to the grocery store, to stock up with food for the week. Once we got home the three of us did our weekly communal clean up. That evening it was my turn to cook and I made tacos.

Saturday night we went out to Moments, a local bar. There are three or four bars or night clubs in Kroonstad, but Moments is the one that caters to a younger crowd. It comes complete with pool tables and a dance floor. The only down side to Moments is that it is an Afrikaners' place and it had a very segregated feel. Still I had a good time last night.

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